Choosing the right framerate

In this article, I want to give you a brief overview of the different common frame rates. And also with which platform each frame rate is compatible.A topic most people don't think too much about, but I think it can make sense understanding the use case and reason each frame rate is being used.

11/03/2022|In Video|3 Minutes

*FPS= Frames per second

12 FPS

12 frames per second is common in cartoons, stop-motion animations or Animes simply because it means less work. And since it is exactly 50% of 24 Frames per second, it was compatible with most cinema projectors back in the analog age.

Today, it is more used as a stylistic element to create the anime comic book style.

A good example of that is the Spider-Man Spider verse Movie series, in which the frame rate switches between 12 FPS and 24 FPS. To have the Comic Look on the onside but still make it possible, to pursue fast movements.

Compatible with:


23,97 FPS

It is the minimum frame rat, at which the human Is not able, to distinguish separate frames. But since it is not practical, it isn’t in use. But in some software programs it is set as standard frame rate as an Easter egg.

Compatible with:


24 FPS

Since the introduction of Soundmovie back in 1909 24 FPS was and I till this date the standars framerate for movies. Which menas, if you want, to create a cinemativ look 24 FPS is the Framereat of choice.

Compatible with:


25 FPS

25fps is the standard for TV in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) it is the standard for TV in Europe.

Compatible with:


30 FPS

30 FPS was the standard of the North American Broadcasters Association. The standard frame rate of the American TV but thought YouTube which oriented at the standard back then it is now the standard Frame rat for Internet videos and is supported by every platform.

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60 FPS

60 FPS is the standard High frame rate, the use of it is rarely used in cinema, but has his place in commercials and only video.
The benefit of using 60 FPS is that it is easier to follow fast actions, which makes it ideal for gameplay videos. It also has its use in Commercials. Apple used 60 FPS often in the past. Especially for explainer video, it can be useful since it is easier to follow what happens.
On the other hand it can make things look less realistic especially if there is no motion blur involved.

Compatible with:

Vimeo (Only for 720p or more)YouTube (Onnly for 720p or more)