Export video in Blender the simple way

In this article, I show you how to export a Video out of Blender as simple as possible.If you are searching for a more flexible and advanced way you should take a look at Export animations in Blender the professional way, in which I show, how my current process looks like.

06/05/2022|In 3D, Video|1 Minutes

Set up the basics

Set the Resolution and Frame rate to the desired one and change the Output Format to FFmpeg Video.

Screenshot of Blender explaining the relevant settings for exporting Video.

After switching to FFmpeg Video you will have a lot of new options, switch to MPEG 4 since it is the most supported Container and set the Output Quality to Good.

Screenshot-Blender Render settings Arrow Pointing on Container and Render Quality.
If you want to use a custom Bitrate switch to Codec FFmpeg Video Codec #1 this gives you advanced video options. But if you are searching for a more advanced Option, there is an extra article for that.

Start Rendering

To start the rendering process in Blender, you just need to Click on Render > Render Animation or press CTRL + F12.

Screenshot of Blender with Arrowpointing on Render Animation.