Export Videos faster with Voukoder

Voukoder is only available for Windows

Voukoder is an Addon for Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Davinci Resolve 17.x, Vegas Pro and Virtual Dub2 which enables you to use your GPU to export Videos which is in most cases much faster but how much faster depends on the CPU and GPU. I also should mention, that Voukoder is completely free. You also don't have to register somewhere or click through a setup full of adware.

24/03/2022|In Video|3 Minutes

Benefits of Voukoder over Quicksync

All these three programs already come with Hardware supported encoding called Quicksync so the question comes up, where is the benefit?

There are three main reasons why Voukoder is better then Quicksync.

The main problem is, that Quicksync only works with Intel CPUs with an integrated GPU. Which is something most people don’t have. Voukoder on the other side works with GPUs both from AMD and Nvidia which are much more comment, especially in a PC with high performance.

The second benefit is, that Quicksync only Supports the h.264 and h.265 Codec and it is very limited in the settings for these Codecs to. Which makes it unusable for many cases. Voukoder Supports:

FFV1HAPH.264 / AVC (x264, AMD AMF, Intel QSV, NVidia NVENC)H.265 / HEVC (x265, AMD AMF, Intel QSV, NVidia NVENC)ProResVP8VP9

And it also has many more settings in each Codec.

The third reason that speaks for Voukoder is, that it doesn’t need as much Performance. Exporting a Video no Matter with or without Quicksync it uses close to 100% of the CPU power. Which makes the Computer practical unusable at this time. Voukoder uses only 20%-30% of the GPU which allows you to continue working or even play Videogames.

How to use Voukoder

Download and Install

You can download the latest Version of Voukoder here. Just download the installer-10.x.exe and go through the SetUp which self-explaining.

After Installing Voukoder itself, you need, to download and Install the Connector for the Software you want to use Voukoder with.
During the installation process, the Application for which you install the Voukoder Connector needs to be closed.

Screenshot Downloadpage Voukoder

SetUp your Export

If you open one of the Adobe applications and export something under “Format” you have to select the Option “Voukoder (CS6 Compatible)”

Screenshot Premiere Pro CC Selecting Voukoder(CS6 Compatible)

Now switch to the Voukoder Tab and Click on Settings. This opens a Window which gives you all the necessary options.

Screenshot Premiere Pro CC Opening Voukoder Settings

If you like Voukoder maybe consider Supporting the Voukoder Project to keep it compatible with the latest formats and applications.