Popp Feinkost x HSV

This is the band ad I created for the German FMCG company "Popp Feinkost" which specializes in salads and bread spread (Yes, we Germans love our bread.).Since they are partner and sponsor of the soccer club HSV they use band ads, to show their connection to the sport and of course promote their products.

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*MY ROLE:Everything
*CLIENT:Cheil Germany GmbH
*TYPE OF PROJECT:Online and TV Advertising

The Challenge

The goal was, to have the logo, the saying "Esst zusammen Abendbrot"(English: "Eat together dinner"("Abendbrot" is a word that can not really be translated into English which means something like a dinner in which the main dish is bread) and the product in it. The problem was, that the format is very small with 1280 by 96 pixels.

The Solution

At the beginning the logo zooms in which makes it possible, to perceive the complete logo but also have the Company name big enough, to be readable even from far away or through a TV camera.

After that the Logos in the middle disappear and make room for the product itself which flies through the Image while sinning slightly and moving slightly closer to the camera, to make it feel more three-dimensional and show as much of the product as possible.

At the End comes the claim and the product name in big bright letters to make it easy to read from far away.